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Funnel Marketing is a world that may seem distant for those who start working today in promoting a business, but we can bring you closer to this world through our experience.!

What is Funnel Marketing?

You undoubtedly want visitors to your website to perform certain actions, perhaps you want them to make a purchase, sign up or fill out a form. When the user performs one of these actions, this is called “conversion”, or transforming the customer’s navigation into an action that generates a profit for the website owner.

A funnel, or “funnel system”, is the set of steps that a visitor must go through before being able to achieve a conversion, also called a sales funnel.

funnel marketing

Why is this procedure called Funnel?

Because at the beginning of the process, you will have a large user base, then, as the various users prepare to follow these steps, some of them will abandon and the volume of the users concerned will decrease until they become a much lower number than initial.

Why are funnels useful?

With a Funnel you can see how and why you are losing customers, and knowing this you can improve your web marketing strategy, carry out market research and market analysis, increasing the number of users who can bring potential revenue to your website.

Maverick Vision through the creation of websites, can create Funnel Marketing strategies for your company and your product, quickly and effectively.

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